“Let you conversation be full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone” - Colossians 4 verse 6

About six months ago we asked ourselves this question – “How are we communicating and dialoging with our local area as a church?”

There are thousands of homes, businesses and community spaces, as well as many schools, right around us here in Kentish Town. We long to see these neighbors joining us each week to worship and encounter the risen Jesus.

We believe that as a church we have been called to Kentish Town to make known the love of Jesus and his invitation to life in him. God wants to make that invitation to our neighbors, local businesses, the homeless, and those that are isolated – through us, His church.

We know it can be difficult to strike up a conversation about faith with a neighbor, coworker, friend or stranger, so we’ve created a tool to make it easier, you can share our brand new free magazine – Salt.

Within the articles of the magazine we’ve asked questions like: “What makes us human?”, “How do we find real rest in life?”, and “Where is the best cup of tea in Kentish Town?” – because if you’re English, these are life’s biggest questions!

Our desire is that this magazine will equip each of you to share the good news that Jesus has invited the world to a new life, through faith in him. A life full of hope, full of love, and seasoned with salt.

Please grab a few copies of Salt next time you’re at church and give them out to your friends and family, and as you do so pray for opportunities to reveal the love and invitation of Jesus to them.

  • Let Life Return

    Let Life Return

    As I reflect on my life so far, some of its lowest points have come due to sickness and its corresponding physical and emotional pain. Some of the highest points have come when such illnesses have been overcome, recoveries have been made, or health has been good.

    Sickness, in us or those we love around us, wrecks us. Health elates us.

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  • 2017 General Election Hustings

    2017 General Election Hustings

    We are delighted to be hosting a hustings for the candidates of the five main political parties standing in our constituency, Holborn and St Pancras. The event will be themed around young people, addressing the question 'How will the future look for young people in Holborn and St Pancras?'.

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  • Elijah: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

    Elijah: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

    We believe that a life lived with and for God is the greatest adventure. With God, our ordinary lives have extraordinary potential; potential to transform us and all those around us, leaving a legacy for the generations to come.

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