Managing your money

Managing your money

In light of our recent survey we are delighted to announce that we are going to be running a Money Course here at St Lukes. Dates for the three evenings are - June 12th,19th,26th. Please read below for info and get in touch if you'd like to be part of it:


The Money Course is for anyone wanting to explore their relationship with money, who would welcome advice on budgeting or who may be worried about their financial situation. The course seeks to give hands-on practical advice, as well as sensitively examine our attitudes to money, taking our lead from the down-to-earth wisdom of the Bible (although this course does not assume any personal faith or knowledge). Food is included each week.


The course is designed to help guests:

Explore their attitudes to money
Look again at first principles
Get on top of their own finances, especially if struggling
Create their own budget
Learn to resist the pressures
Examine credit and debt
Take a fresh look at saving
Learn why giving matters


‘This course has really helped us address many issues and has been such a huge benefit.’

‘Being able to deal with “my” situation in such a non-judgmental setting has been so empowering.’

‘This course has been a life-saver.’

‘The practical advice given on the money course makes so much sense and is really simple to do – the course has been invaluable.’

‘I think everyone benefits from this course, regardless of their financial situation.’

Please note: this course is not designed for those with serious debt issues. If this is you, please visit

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