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In 1991 St Luke's was closed and lay dormant in the heart of this community for 20 years. Upon the invitation of the Bishop of London, a team led by Jon & Sus March set about the task of seeing the doors reopen once again. In April 2011 Jon was made the Vicar of St Luke's and then the work really began...

Jon Accepting
The Bishops of London and Kensington and Ken Costa (Churchwarden of Holy Trinity Brompton) commissioning Jon & Sus March and the new plant.

Over the years, the church had fallen into such disrepair that much work had to be done before anyone could worship here again. On Pentecost weekend in June over 70 friends from the local community, both old and new began the work of reclaiming the church. Ten skip-loads of junk was removed on that day. Once empty, the church was ready to have the builders come in and make the building safe again.

On September 4th 2011, Jon, Sus and the team were commissioned and sent out by Nicky Gumbel and the community at "Holy Trinity Brompton":

While the work on St Luke's was being completed Sunday worship began the following week in Jon & Sus' living room.

First Meeting
September 11, 2011: The first Sunday meeting in the living room

All the work was finished on December 15th, 2011 leaving 3 days to turn the building from an empty, dusty, building site to one that was to host a Carol Service. Many members of the community took days off work to make that a possibility and just in time the work was completed. The first service in over 20 years took place on December 18th and over 250 people showed up to see this building reopened and returned as a place of worship.

*The video here on the right tells the story...*

Bishop Installation
January 22, 2012: The Installation of Jon March as Vicar of the Parish of St Luke, Oseney Crescent

The Bishop of Edmonton came that night to welcome the community back to St Luke's and he returned on January 22nd 2012 to formally reopen the building and commission the team to its new life and mission here in Kentish Town.

First Sunday

January 29, 2012: First Sunday in St Luke's for over 20 Years!

We celebrated two years of God's hand on our community in January and are excited to see where He will take us next.

The story is by no means complete and you are part of it - we would love you to join with us on the journey as we follow Jesus' purpose for the communities and cultures that we are all connected to.

From Rags To Riches: The Transformation of St Luke's Kentish Town