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Prayer Stories

Prayer Stories

Hear how people have been encouraged and stretched in their prayers over the last few weeks of lent as they have undertaken the 40 Days of Prayer challenge.

“I’m due to start my A&E job soon which will mean lots of long, unsociable hours – the rota is also pretty inflexible and your annual leave gets allocated to you.

I knew that I really wanted some specific pockets of time off (family holiday, away with friends and a wedding) and felt that the chances of getting all these days off was quite low!

I prayed ‘Lord, I know that in the grand scheme of things this really doesn’t matter that much and I’ll only have a few months of horrible shifts, but it would mean so much to me to have these times off.’

A couple of days later I went into work and was oddly instructed not to go out on home visits to see patients, but to collect some data for an audit (which meant I would stay in the office all day). Ten minutes later an email came through from the A&E consultant with the rota asking us to choose our desired slot on the rota spreadsheet…‘first come first serve’.

Because I was in the office I was able to reply within minutes and select a slot that contained all the leave when I needed it. Without being in the office I wouldn’t have seen that email until the end of the day, and would have likely not got my choice of annual leave.

That was the first ‘office day’ I’ve ever had in my job and there hasn’t been one since! It just reminded me of how kind God is; that he hears our seemingly small prayers but cares for us so deeply that he answers them. What a good God he is.”

“Last Thursday one of the prayer points was for people looking for a job. It was my son’s first ever interview for a proper job. The interview went well and we heard yesterday that he’d got the job.

I enjoy getting the email reminders but events sometimes prevent me from allocating the time to prayer; life in London sometimes seems very busy. But I am now praying more than usual.

It’s been very positive to take a deep breath and a deeper look at the SLKT community, pray for each team, and integrate the space for more prayer into my day. I particularly like the collects included in each email.”

“Last week one of the prayers was for those who are sick. I prayed for my cousin who has cancer, she has recently had a serious knee operation with part of the knee removed – but last week for the first time in months she was able to get out and go for a meal with her friend.

I also started a new job today! I am thankful for all this and for bringing me, my friends and family closer to God this lent.”

“Undertaking the 40 days of Prayer has made me realise that Prayer is the simple practice of the presence of our God!!! I just needed to re-connect with him. I particularly want to thank a member of St Lukes, everyday she shows me what it means to invest in an active relationship with God her honesty and commitment gives me strength.

You have shown me that prayer is strong. That somehow you’ve got to reach down inside of yourself and find the will and the boldness to be persistent in going to God.”

My Husband and I have made it our aim for lent to try and pray together every
day, with the St Luke’s 40 days of prayer as our guide. It’s been amazing to
wake up and pray together before work starts – it enables us to refocus on God
at the start of the day, putting into perspective everything we do afterwards.
Having a structure has been really helpful and has enabled us to be much more
specific and focussed in our prayers for church and for Kentish Town. I think
there’s something powerful about knowing the whole church is praying for the
same thing at the same time, and investing in something together – and I’ve
loved hearing about all the prayers God had answered so far! It’s also prompted
us to use the time to pray for each other, which has undoubtedly strengthened
our marriage. I hope this will be the start of us praying together more
regularly and being more specific and expectant.