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Elijah: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

Elijah: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

We believe that a life lived with and for God is the greatest adventure. With God, our ordinary lives have extraordinary potential; potential to transform us and all those around us, leaving a legacy for the generations to come.

But how do we start to live this adventure? We commit our ordinary lives to following the extraordinary God, the one for whom nothing is impossible, the one who believes and trusts in us more than we do ourselves.

And as we commit to following God unswervingly, we can draw inspiration from the example of those who have trodden this path before us. That’s what we’re going to be doing for the next few Sundays at St Luke’s – journeying with Elijah, the radical Old Testament prophet we read about in 1 and 2 Kings.

We’ll be looking at things like:

  • Elijah’s obedience to God, even when others were living a different way
  • How he heard God’s voice and trusted His power
  • How God took care of him through difficult times, and he was able to keep going
  • How he was able to inspire others to follow the same God and pass the mantle on.

We’re not doing this to glory in Elijah, but in the God he followed, the same God who beckons us towards Him today.

Elijah was a human, like us. He devoted his ordinary life to God and watched as extraordinary things happened, and went on happening. Join us through this series, keep devoting yourself to the same God, and the same might just happen with you.

Credit, and thanks, to Anish Patel for the series designs.