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Tiny Interludes

Tiny Interludes

Over the summer we will be teaching through the biblical theme of rest. To get us prepared Kat has penned her reflections and set us a challenge to find tiny interludes of rest and re-focus...

Run, run, run – keep focused on the next task, overcome, achieve, chase your dreams, live life to the fullest. Do we ever just let go and let God? Drop everything and breathe? Inhale the fragrance of a freshly mown lawn, be captivated by that colourful leaf spiraling to the dirt, notice that little girl holding her dad’s hand with an enormous grin on her ice-cream coated face?

I have noticed in life that there is always something relatively urgent occupying our minds, something taking up headspace, worryspace. Downtime is less and less existent. Once you cross one giant ravine another appears devastatingly close up ahead, edging nearer and nearer. I say to myself, as soon as I’m through this job interview, this exam, this house move, this wedding, this health or family problem I will be able to have some chill time. But there is never time. In fact when there is a period of nothingness this becomes hugely frustrating and all I want is something to do with myself. I can’t even sit still when that is all I have.

Being content in all circumstances is something to hope for. Resting in amongst chaos is the near impossibility we all must reach for; because we are not built to carry on endlessly, giving and giving, going and going like the Energizer Bunny.

Even on holiday many of us do not rest. There’s too much to do. The mind, body, spirit and soul are designed for rest and replenishment. God made us this way. Even Jesus had to rest; he sought out solitude and rejuvenation, and even sleep, during near disaster. When Jesus slept on the back of a small boat with a storm raging all around him, he was anchored. He was able to rest in the storm; to trust that his Father has this one.

Rest isn’t just about sleeping; it is a freeing of the mind from endless obligations, allowing there to be quiet, allowing there to be peace and a sense of hope. Letting go of all the mud in our world and breathing in this heavenly place we have been gifted with. Even in pain and sorrow it is letting go, trusting and being in His presence. Whether it be for 5 seconds, 5 minutes, 5 hours, a whole day or a whole week. Let go, breathe, relax, smile, and did I mention let go? Let go of work, let go of money, let go of your troubles. And don’t just have them fly up into the yonder, but place them at the foot of the cross and allow our Maker to worry about them instead.

Want breakthrough in your life? Then rest…

Want answers? Rest in Him…

Want to be closer to God? Rest…

We are so full, full, full, all the time. Let us be bare for a moment to let God fill us up with all that nourishes, leaving behind the mess and muck. Let us be tailored and filled by His purposes for us. Even if you don’t know what that purpose is, just hanging out with God and allowing rest will satiate you more than you could ever envision.

It may mean leaning on another’s shoulder, resting your head, simply stopping and taking in the view. The Bible talks about taking a Sabbath day each week. I must say, when I have instilled a day of rest in my life it has had the most profound outcome. I have taken time out even during exams; skipping a days studying, only to come out the other side with a better exam result than I had hoped for.

There is such a thing as God’s rest. He grants rest. All you need to do is ask. In the most inopportune moments, He can fill you with rest. As you run around today, chasing deadlines, late appointments, missed messages, slow tube trains, just stand still for a moment. And look up. Lift your head. Breathe. Take that tiny interlude. Large or small it will inexplicably impact your life.