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Prodigal, one year on

Prodigal, one year on

A year ago, St Luke’s released our debut worship album, Prodigal. These 6 tracks were written by and from our community, expressing something of what God had been doing amongst us and teaching us about himself as we gathered to worship each week.

Since releasing the album, we’ve seen and heard some amazing things about how God has used it to reach and bless people. At the time of writing, it’s been listened to 34,635 times on Spotify, downloaded hundreds of times through iTunes, Amazon and Google, as well as watched thousands of times over on YouTube.

As well as equipping our community for worship all the week round, Prodigal has reached people throughout the UK and in other parts of the world. It’s been so exciting to see that people in the USA, Hungary, Canada, Czech Republic, Nigeria, Germany, Malaysia, Australia and Sri Lanka (as well as so many others) have listened to these songs, and been inspired and resourced in their worship of God through them.

Thank you St Luke’s for being a community of worshippers who provided the environment in which these songs could be written, played, recorded and sent round the world. Be encouraged that the creative life God has fostered amongst us is blessing North London and having far reaching influence, beyond that which we’ve even heard about.

If you want to check out Prodigal or send it on to a friend to listen to, it’s still available through the following channels:
Google Play
Amazon Music