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Jesus, tea, and Michael Jackson - the Light Party 2017

Jesus, tea, and Michael Jackson - the Light Party 2017

The Disco balls were set! The Polaroid cameras, prepared! The pots of earl grey tea, brewed! 

But what about the Michael Jackson fancy dress outfit?

St Luke’s has always known how to throw a good party but I had to admit that even these items weren’t the usual sort of props you’d find at a Church event. One aspect of my job that I love is how often I find myself scouring the internet for fun items like the celebrity face cut-outs I needed for this year’s Light Party.

The Light Party is advertised as an alternative event, in place of Halloween. Last year it acted as a fantastic opportunity to welcome the local community as well as other Churches in North London. This year was celebrity themed and we spent days decorating the Church in an attempt to evoke the feeling of an old ITV episode of ‘Stars in their Eyes’ – the only extra additions being cake, sandwiches, games and that dreaded Michael Jackson outfit I’d have to wear.

The whole event was a great success! We began with a tea party run by Lindsay MacRae and the Older People’s Project. The sight of local wise and wonderfuls shimmying up the red carpet in front of the gates was my first hint that this would be a special event. A lot of them had made extra special effort for the party and as the 70s music played in the background, it was a great chance to serve food and tempt them to boogie.

One of our key stations was a polaroid photo booth where people could take instant shots, after adorning themselves with props and disco ball decor. It proved really popular, especially when the children & families arrived. With all the arts & crafts laid out and the bouncy castle on glorious show, the party got into full swing. We even had a visit from the Deputy Mayor of Camden who took the time out of her busy schedule to address us all as well as meeting community members of all ages.

We rounded up our time with a special message to all those gathered, sharing a message on what ‘greatness’ is. You see, despite the glitter balls and famous celebrities, this Light Party gave us the chance to share how ‘greatness’ is born from ‘lowliness’ and how Jesus is our highest example of that. If anything, this is the aspect I love the most about my job: that through events like this we can bless our community in the best way possible, by sharing the name of Jesus . . . while dressing up as Michael Jackson!